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What to Do to Prepare Your Grill for Grilling Season

The grilling season has finally arrived in Colorado! You can uncover the grill and get to cooking outside now. Even though it has been protected, it never hurts to give the grill proper cleaning.

Here is a simple checklist of things you should do before you light the first fire of the year!

Inspect the Hose

If your grill has not been in used for several months, take some time to get it ready before the BBQ season starts.

For a gas grill, inspect the hose from your natural gas or propane gas to your burners. Clean the hose in case there is any build-up in it to eliminate the risk of fire. If the hose has any signs of being torn or any holes, replace it.

gas grill gratesQuick Cleaning

Take out the grates of your gas grill and scrub them down with a damp cloth and a wire brush. We do not recommend using soap as it can linger, and it is hard to wash off.

It is a good idea to run your grilling tools through the dishwasher as well.

Clean Out Your Grease Trap

Pull out the grease trap and dump out any grossness from the previous year. You can line your grease trap with some sturdy foil. This way, it will be easier to clean-up in the future.

Test it Before Cooking

Simply turn on your grill, light it up, and let it burn for a couple of minutes. The idea is to detect any inconsistencies; make sure all the burners are firing and there are no leaks.

best grill brands in the area

Now you are ready to bust out some juicy steaks and enjoy the grilling season!

If you do not have yet a grill, come to Hi-Tech Appliance’s showroom in Louisville, Colorado. We carry the best grill brands in the area. You can also call us at 303-665-0951.

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