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Choosing a Fireplace Door

The first thing you have to know before selecting a fireplace door is the type of fireplace you have. You will find two types of wood burning fireplaces: masonry and zero clearance.

Masonry fireplaces are made of stone or brick (like the old-school fireplace we all know), while zero clearance fireplaces (ZC) are prefabricated, metal fireplace boxes (more modern appeal).

Fireplace Door Styles

Bi-fold (4) Panel

Bi-fold doors open and fold in half. This means that when opened, they occupy less space in front of your fireplace. So, you can place your tool set or other accessories closer to it.

These doors are available with tracks to keep the doors in place. However, the “trackless” option is more attractive, as it allows you to open the doors completely to reveal the full viewing area of your firebox opening.

perfect door for your fireplace

Twin (2) panel

Twin doors have a single glass panel on each door. There is only one seen in the center of the two doors, which generates a clean look, as there is little visible hardware in the viewing area of the fireplace when the doors are closed.

When opened, they take up more room when they swing open. If there are any obstructions such as sliding doors, furniture, or windows in the surrounding space of the firebox opening, you should go for a bi-fold door for safety and to reduce the risk of damage.

Within both door styles, you can choose one of the following alternatives: full view bi-fold, semi-full view bi-fold, standard twin, and full view twin.

Now that you are an expert in fireplace doors, it is time to purchase the perfect door for your fireplace. Hi-Tech Appliance offers the best designs and quality in fireplace glass doors and fireplace screens for your home. Contact us or visit our unique showroom in Louisville.

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