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How to Dry Firewood for a Fireplace or Stove

Fireplaces and stoves need wood to burn in the winter. While it is available to purchase, it is cheaper and more satisfying to dry you own. Fresh wood contains too much water and burns inefficiently. Too much water build up in a stove can lead to a build up. The build up can then cause smoke, or even worse, a chimney fire. To prevent this, homeowners should have an idea of how to dry wood out before putting it into the fireplace.

Wood Types

Different types of wood require different seasoning times and have preferred harvesting. Deciduous trees are better to cut in the winter time; they will have lower moisture and only need six months to a year to be ready. Other trees, such as oak, is better to harvest in the summer season and takes a year or two before being ready to burn in a wood burning stove


Wood should be stored outdoors. It should not be touching the ground or any walls. It is best to place the wood on a base. You can easily make one using pallets or other pieces of wood. The air will need to be able to move around the wood, so it must be kept away from any walls.


During the summer months, it is okay to leave the wood dry in the open air. The sun will dry out any rain fairly quickly. When covering the wood, allow the bottom of the stack to stick out. Covering the wood allows air to flow through still. Moisture will be able to escape through this opening as well, preparing for your fireplace. A tarp works well as a cover.

Fireplaces and stoves should be properly checked each year before burning any wood. You can schedule an appointment with Hi-Tech Appliance to have your annual maintenance completed. 

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