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Add Warmth to Your Backyard

A firepit table adds the functionality of an entertainment centerpiece while being a beautiful focal point for gatherings with friends and family in any backyard. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and fuel options.

Fire Pit Table Options

Fire pit tables normally need a lot of space. However, it is a stylish and luxury way to entertain family and friends in the outdoors. They are available in many styles, shapes, and sizes; there’s a one of a kind product for every taste.

This wonderful outdoor addition can be built with stone or can be a large metallic table frame with a fire bowl set in the middle.

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Fire Pit Table Advantages

  • The fire is placed high from the ground
  • You can use the table as a footrest
  • Represents an outdoor space with a tabletop surface
  • Depending on the size of the table, large pieces of wood can be burned

Fire Pit Table Disadvantages

  • Is not easy to move
  • Great for cooking
  • Usually, it takes up a lot of space

If you are looking for the best fire pit tables on the market, we highly recommend Napoleon Fire Tables.

Outdoor fire pit tables

Outdoor Napoleon Fire Table

St. Tropez Rectangle Patioflame® Table

Model GPFTR3656BZ

This model features a classic, linear design that makes it a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space. You can match this unit with any outdoor décor.


The GPFTS48BZ model comes with glittering glass, reflecting flames that make it a comfortable, functional addition to any backyard.

Kensington Rectangle Patioflame® Table

Model KENS1-BZ

This rectangular piece of furniture will surely be the focal point for family outdoor events or gatherings.

Model KENS2-BZ

The propane or natural gas Kensington Square Patioflame® Table brings luxury and warmth to your outdoor space.


Friends and family can gather around this beautiful and stylish type of outdoor firepit table.

Stay tuned for more high-quality firepit table models.

If you need hearth products for your home, do not hesitate to contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We carry the best outdoor appliance brands in the area.

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