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Extend Your Outdoor Entertaining

If you want to extend your outdoor entertainment, a top-notch patio heater might be just what you need. This top appliance can keep family and friends warm during those cooler nights outside. Explore these top patio heater brands.the best heater appliances

Napoleon Patio Heaters

Skyfire Bellagio™ Patio Torch PTH31GTSS

You will enjoy using this torch year-round. Not only does it provide mood lighting, but it features an attractive four-foot flame. It has a unique design that provides a stylish, modern twist that is ideal for your deck, pool or outdoor room.

Skyfire™ 40 Patio Heater – PTH40PGM

outdoor appliancesThis heater allows you to enjoy entertaining outside during the fall with ease. Enjoy a coffee in the morning or a gathering in the evening. Place the heater wherever you desire for added warmth. The Napoleon line is designed to generate infrared heat rays that heat the object instead of the air, thus keeping you nice and warm for hours after the sun has set. They are efficient, clean and use minimal fuel, while delivering ample comfort.

Skyfire™ 11 Patio Heater -PTH11PSS

Beyond being easy-to-use, this table-top heater is also portable. It has 10,000 BTUs to provide you with ample heat so you can enjoy spending time outside. It only requires a one-pound bottle of propane.

Patio Heaters

Napoleon  Patio Heaters Transform Your Lifestyle!

Now that you know the different options of the best heater appliances, Hi-Tech Appliance Inc. offers just the best of Gas and Electric Patio Heaters and kitchen appliances & accessories for your outdoor area. Call us at 303-665-0951 or visit our spectacular showroom in Louisville, Colorado.

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