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Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional?

We recommended doing at least an inspection annually to keep your fireplace and home healthy and safe. While many Do-It-Yourself guides on the Internet explain how you can clean the chimney, there are many benefits to hiring a professional chimney sweep to do the work for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Fireplace ExpertHiring a Fireplace Expert

  • Trained technicians know the correct way to clean your chimney. You won’t have to worried if the creosote has been safely taken off. Hiring a certified sweep gives you the certainty that the work was done properly.
  • Hiring a professional saves you time, as doing the work on your own can take hours to complete.
  • Cleaning the fireplace’s chimney is a messy task, often leaving ash and soot everywhere. A pro has specialized vacuums to quickly and efficiently take care of the debris.
  • Certified technicians use professional-grade tools to ensure a thorough sweep of the chimney walls.

An Expert in Fireplaces Will Service The Unit Is As Follows

  • Clean the top of the unit
  • Clean the bottom under the firebox
  • Clean the glass
  • Remove, clean, and reposition the logs to factory specs
  • Remove, clean, and adjust the burner for proper air to fuel mixture.
  • Clean the interior of the fireplace of bugs, spiders, leaves, dust, dirt, spider webs, etc.
  • Test the unit for combustible gas leaks
  • Test the unit for Carbon Monoxide leaks
  • Test components for proper operation.fireplace service in Colorado
  • Point out places of wear or potential failure.

Contact Hi-Tech Appliance if you need fireplace service in Colorado. We have a fleet of fully stocked service vans ready, our Service Technicians can respond quickly and efficiently. Plus, our fireplace technicians proudly maintain all NFI (National Fireplace Institution) Certifications. Don’t play with fire – let our certified fireplace specialists in Colorado give you the service and peace of mind you deserve.

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