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Tips For Decorating the Fireplace For Every Holiday

As the holidays roll in, it is time to start preparing for the house.

If you love to get festive, what better way than decorating? There are so many fun things you can do with your hearth, making it a great activity for the whole family to get involved. Since so many holidays fall in a row, there is plenty of decors to try out.


For a spooky idea, you can recreate a witches brew scene around the fireplace. Add plenty of cobwebs and candles to set the mood. Some fake bats can amp the scare factor up even more.

The kids can help make a cute setup. Cut out some foam sheets in different shapes to make witches, bats, or any other decoration. Hang these on the mantel with a fun banner and some painted pumpkins.


Thanksgiving is all about the fall. Place a cornucopia on the hearth with mini pumpkins. Add a string of fake fall leaves and some small lights.

Acorns make great fall decorations. They are perfect decor for Thanksgiving. You can use fake ones or have the kids gather some up from the yard. Just make sure they all get cleaned up before Christmas

Settle Into Winter

As the weather gets colder, it is time to swap fall decorations for the winter holidays.


Stockings are a given for mantel decorations. This year, try using white stockings and topping the mantel with decor to bring on a white Christmas. White logs and snowflake decor is a beautiful and neutral look.

If you prefer color, go full winter with some pinecones and a large wreath. Wrap it in a ribbon of your favorite winter color to make it pop. Add some festive candles to complete the look.

New Years

You can leave some of your winter decors up and add some pieces to fit the next holiday. Try replacing the wreath for a large star and adding others around it.

Try placing a chalkboard above the mantel you can use all year. For the New Year, write a message with the date. Put black and gold balloons around before the ball drops.

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