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If you have a grill, you understand the joy it can bring you. Not only do you get to cook food over a fire, but you also get the benefit of tasty food and spending time outdoors. When you have a gas grill, there are certain things you need to do in order to keep your grill working efficiently, and one of those things is keeping it clean. Here are some cleaning tips to ensure a long life for your gas grill.

Clean the Grates

Every time you use the grill, it’s important to clean the grates. Just like you wipe down your stove after cooking, you should treat your grill the same way. Use a grill brush while the grill is still warm and scrape off any food particles that remain. If you wait until the grill is cool, you may have trouble cleaning tough food bits.

Rock and Briquettes

Every year you should do a deep cleaning. That means taking out all of the grill parts. Remove the grate and get down to the lava rocks or ceramic briquettes, if your grill model has them. Replace any that have too much food or grease caked on. Dirty rocks can produce excess smoke that can make food taste bad.

Check the Paint

Inspect the paint for peeling or signs of rust. If you see damage you may need to paint over the rusty areas to ensure your grill will keep performing without taking on more damage. In addition, you should clean all of the grill parts with soapy water.

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