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We all love some delicious grilled food in the summer, whether it be steaks, hotdogs, or amazing grilled veggies. You’re probably familiar with the traditional charcoal and gas grills, but there is a relative newcomer to the grilling scene that heats up faster and can get even hotter—infrared grilling. What is it, and is it right for you?

What is Infrared Grilling?

There are different ways to heat food, and one of those ways is with radiant heat. Charcoal and gas grills provide some radiant heat, but the heat will also flow around the food. With advanced infrared technology, the grill is heated and the flame is focused, creating a grilling area that is super hot and comes up to temperature quickly.

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Benefits of Infrared Grilling

For one thing, an infrared grill heats up really quickly. We’re talking zero to 700 in just a few minutes. When you heat up a grill, that means it will also get a sear on your meat a lot faster. Contrary to popular opinion, searing doesn’t “seal in the juices”, but it does caramelize the outside of your meat and cook the meat much faster than on a traditional grill.

Be Warned

Because infrared grills cook at a much higher temperature than normal grills, it’s important to keep a good eye on your food and make sure it doesn’t burn or get overcooked. Many infrared grills have only a single infrared zone so you can have different heat zones for proper cooking of different foods.

In Conclusion

Infrared grills are great in certain applications, but you really need a grill that accommodates for different temperatures so you can get the perfect cook on your foods.

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