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So you have this lovely fireplace, but what’s the best way to decorate it? A warm and cozy fireplace becomes the focal point of the room, and decorating your fireplace area and mantel is a great way to add your own personality to the room. Here are a few ways to decorate your fireplace area and make the space your own.


Hanging a mirror above the fireplace is a classic move that will make your room shine. Mirrors have the ability to actually make a room feel bigger than it actually is, and in some cases, the fire’s light will reflect off of the mirror, creating a cozy atmosphere. It’s also worth noting that there are so many styles of mirror, so it’s easy to find one that suits your home’s décor.

enhance your fireplace with decorations

Add Some Color

There is no rule that the fireplace mantel needs to be a neutral color. In fact, some mantels look absolutely stunning with the addition of colored tiles. It’s a great way to add a pop of interest to what can be just an ordinary fireplace.


Art is very personal, so if you find the perfect piece that fits your wall, put it up over the mantel! It’s important to choose an art piece that is the right size for the wall. You don’t want to overwhelm the space, but you also don’t want too much bare wall. This is also a good time to play around with color, and better still, you can change it out if you find something else you like!


Try sconces on both sides of the mantel. It will add a different source of light and provide some interesting detail.

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