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Enhance the Overall Look of Your Fireplace with Fire Screens & Spark Guards

Fireplace guards have been used in and around fires and fireplaces for many years. The fine mesh on the screen helps prevent escaping sparks from crackling wood. This fabric also allows light out, meaning the warmth and feel of a fire is still felt by all in the room. Spark guards are available from flat single panel guards to shaped and folding guards.

Protective Alternatives

Folding ScreensFolding Screens in Colorado

Folding firescreens are essentially several single panels hinged together to wrap around a stove, fire, or fireplace. These firescreens often have a larger central single panel section at the front with smaller “wing” sections on either side. Available as 3-fold, 4-fold, or 5-fold, our folding fire screens come with a fine mesh that offers protection when used around a fireplace, and several color trims are available to match your room’s décor. You can use folding fire screens with outdoor fires, but they should not be left outside all year round, as they will rust.

Shaped Screens

Shaped firescreens come as one piece that has been designed to fit a specially shaped opening. Available in different sizes and shapes, shaped models are ideally suited for use with a stove, fire or fireplace that has been set into a chimney breast for the fire screen can sit across the front of the fireplace opening. They can come with various color trims to match your room’s décor. You can use shaped fire screens with outdoor fires, but do not leave them outside all year round, because they are liable to rust.Spark Guard in Denver

Child Guards

Child guards are typically larger fire screens that are specially designed to be placed around freestanding stoves and protect kids and pets from getting too close to the stove. This will help you to make the overall experience more efficient and safer.

Glass Screens

Glass firescreens use thick ceramic glass similar to the one that is used in wood burning stoves and glass floor plates. These modern screens offer a perfect view of the fire and flames while still providing a practical solution for protection. These fire screens should never be used with open fires, must be kept a minimum of 12 inches from the heat source, and should not be placed in an environment where temperatures will exceed 200°C.

If you need a fireplace screen or a spark guard, or if you still don’t have a fireplace, contact Hi-Tech Appliances. We carry the best hearth products in Colorado.

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