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Make Out the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen for Longer

An outdoor kitchen is a significant investment for any homeowner. You would like to make it last for years to come. So, think about maintenance. Not only do you need to provide proper care to your outdoor cooking appliances, but the countertop and flooring. Here is how to keep your exterior kitchen in great shape so that you will enjoy its benefits for a long, long time.

Outdoor Kitchen Maintenance

Clean the Grill

Outdoor Kitchen MaintenanceThe grill is the most important outdoor kitchen appliance. If it doesn’t work, the whole point of your outdoor cooking space is lost. Regardless the type of grill you have, clean and cover it after each use.

Don’t assume rust-resistant grills are not vulnerable to corrosion. Buy a cover to protect your device from the elements. Do a spring tune-up on your grill. This includes vacuuming out the appliance to remove debris and cleaning off the burners and grates.

Seal the Countertop

Even though granite countertops look great and can withstand a lot of heat, they still need protection from light.

Granite tile needs extra protection due to the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the stone. Seal it every three years to protect it. You can hire a professional to do the task for you.

Bag the Grass Clippings

When you mow the lawn, try to direct the clippings from the mower away from your outdoor cooking area or use a grass catcher. In case some dirt or grass gets into your outdoor living area, use a leaf blower or a broom to remove any debris before it dries and stains your surface.

Carefully Power Wash the Stone

Power wash your stone flooring by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Do it once a year to remove any stains that may have settled on the flooring. The idea is to avoid using excessive water pressure.

Disconnect the Utilities

If you live in a cold climate that’s not suitable for year-round outdoor living, don’t waste energy or resources. Just because your appliances are rated for outdoor use, there is no point in keeping them connected when they will not be used for months. Turn off the gas to the grill and unplug the appliances. By doing so, you will also save power.

If you have an outdoor sink, be sure the supply lines are drained in the winter season. Otherwise, the pipes could freeze and burst.

Stay tuned to learn more about outdoor kitchens. If you want to get started building the kitchen of your dreams, contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We carry the best top-end outdoor kitchen appliances in Colorado.

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