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Stove Care Tips

A stove repair may be a necessary job, but ends up costing you more than initially anticipated. This is why any shrewd homeowner wants to try and stretch the use of their appliances as far as they can. Here are a few things you can put into action to take proper care of your stove.

For one thing, when you encounter a spill on the stove, you don’t want to wait to act. A damp sponge or paper towel can get just about any spill provided you get on it right away. Equally important is being sure to clean stove parts aside from the obvious surfaces on occasion. For example, burner plates and control panel knobs benefit a lot from a deeper cleaning. For the knobs, you can even pull them off and wash them in hot soapy water. The windows and under the hood (if you don’t have a sealed cooktop) are other areas that often get missed.

Do I Need A Replacement?

clean wood-fired ovenTaking care of any major appliance is a good idea, but to give you a full picture, your average stove lasts roughly 10-15 years before having serious problems. At this point, you may want to consider stove replacement in Westminster, rather than paying for just a repair. Some of the common issues that can render a stove useless when it gets around this age are igniter problems or issues with the control board/base element.

The best way to decide whether or not you should just get a new stove, or try and get your current one repaired, is to break it down to get an estimate and work from there. If your stove is already old and the repair cost is a substantial percentage of what you originally paid, you’ll get more value from getting another stove.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

Putting these concepts into practice will help you get a lot more use out of your stove, but at the end of the day, it has a finite lifespan just like any other appliance. When you need stove repair or are ready for a replacement, be sure to reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance.

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