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Appliances can eat up a lot of energy costs, even if they are marked as energy-efficient. The refrigerator is a massive appliance and is a large contributor to your overall energy costs. Follow these guidelines and lower some of your home operating costs.


Many people make the mistake of thinking “the cooler, the better,” but that’s not always the case when it comes to refrigerator care. You can force your refrigerator to work harder than it has to by having it set too cold. To maximize energy efficiency and meet food safety standards, you should keep your fridge set at 40 degrees F. The freezer should be kept at 0 degrees F.


Every refrigerator has cooling coils either along the bottom of the unit or along the back of the unit. Over time, these coils will collect dust, which needs to be cleaned periodically. Dust buildup can force the refrigerator to work harder to keep cool and cause your energy bill to go up.

Keep it Full

When the refrigerator and freezer are kept full of food, there is less air that needs to be kept cool. So when the door opens, and warm air comes in, it takes less time and effort to bring it down to temperature.

Cool Foods

You’ll make your fridge work overtime if you put in foods that are still hot. Let your food cool for up to two hours, then cover and put in the refrigerator. Your unit won’t have to work extra to compensate for the extreme temperatures.

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Open When You Mean It

Every time you open the door you let in warm air. Only open the fridge door when you intend to get something, and you’ll save some energy.

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