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Having a fireplace in your home is an amazing thing. It provides comfort and warmth, as well as a place to relax and unwind. However, if you also have kids in your home, having a fireplace could be a hazard.

It doesn’t matter if the fireplace is wood burning, gas, or electric, there are still dangers involved with all of these and kids. Having safety features in place could help prevent injuries and other issues.

Burns are probably the most common occurrence with fireplaces. While it can be easier to keep kids away from the flames of a wood-burning fireplace, there are still embers that can pop out of the wood and cause issues, including the risk of the house or clothing catching on fire.

Shiny elements on the floor will draw a child’s attention, and they may attempt to touch the hot material. Having glass or a screen in front of the fire could help prevent embers from popping out of the fire.


Having glass in front of a fire is a good safety measure, but it can also get incredibly hot. On all fireplace types, including electric or gas, keeping children from touching the glass cover or any of the metal elements around it will prevent burns.

Placing a barricade or fencing in front of a fireplace will keep kids a safe distance away from hot elements. Explaining to them the dangers of getting too close is also beneficial. Keeping fireplace utensils out of their reach will also prevent injury.

There are a variety of different gates and barriers that can be placed in front of a fire to keep kids safe from the heat and flames. Finding one that matches your décor and style is worth it to keep children safe and allow you to use your fireplace when you want.

Having a fireplace is a great thing, but so is keeping family members safe. With a little forethought and planning, even kids can stay safe around the fireplace. Talk to a professional at Hi-Tech Appliance to find the fireplace that’s right for your home and family.

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