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In today’s world, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Designing a kitchen that fits your family’s lifestyle is super important. Trends can come and go, but these kitchen appliance styles will keep your Thornton, CO home looking cool for years.

1. Colored Appliances

Kitchen appliances don’t have to be the default of stainless steel anymore. Colored kitchen appliances with different finishes have now taken the driver’s seat.

The most expensive colored appliances have been mostly red and blue, as their bright colors can make any room come alive. It’s understandable that this retro look doesn’t appease every taste, but it’s an experiment you might want to try in your kitchen.

Viking Range in Colorado2. Smart Kitchens

Technology is continuously advancing and it’s no shock that smart kitchens and appliances are becoming popular. Every function in your kitchen can now include smart technology, from the fridge to the lighting. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and know you want it to be filled with smart technology, you can get the kitchen built from the ground up to include it.

If a new model is coming out soon, check for any major appliance sales to score an older model for a cheaper price.

3. French Door Ovens

French door ovens have been a quieter trend this year, but they’re a great option if you’re tight on space. The doors to the oven open to the side instead of opening downwards.

Since these are a recent design trend to have apart of kitchens, most french door ovens you find will be smart technology compatible. Sometimes they even have Bluetooth connection, so you can start preheating your oven from your smartphone before you even get home.

If you’re looking for some new kitchen appliances that are always following the trends, contact Hi-Tech Appliance and see what they have available.

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