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As time continues to move forward, we gradually get closer to 2019. Like every other year that has come before it, 2019 will be filled with its fair share of trends, including new trends for kitchens and their appliances. Anyone who likes to follow the latest household trends may want to pay attention to what the future has in store.

Black is Back

The color trend for kitchens changes every year and this year it happens to be black. Black is a powerful color that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest of your home. It is a color that demands attention and will make an impressive statement to guests when they visit. Thankfully, there are a number of major appliance sales companies in Northglenn, CO that sell a variety of black appliances.

Stainless Steel is a Thing of the Past

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Although stainless steel appliances used to be at the forefront of modern kitchen trends, over the past few years it has slowly faded into the background. Going into 2019, stainless steel appliances are a thing of the past. As mentioned earlier, black is going to be the kitchen color of 2019. With that in mind, anyone who is stuck on stainless steel appliances can compromise by getting black stainless steel.

Custom Wine Coolers

Although it may seem a tad luxurious, the consumers of 2019 are asking for custom wine coolers in their kitchens. These wine coolers will not only be used to store wine, but they are an aesthetically pleasing aspect to any kitchen. They will also be extremely useful when hosting big parties. There are a number of custom built-in appliance experts in Northglenn, CO that can help you get your kitchen on trend.

Even though trends come and go, it can be fun to join in with household trends. 2019 is forecast to be filled with new kitchen trends, including black appliance, less stainless steel and custom wine coolers.

For more information on the upcoming kitchen trends of 2019, feel free to contact the appliance experts at Hi-Tech Appliance.

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