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Your fireplace gives your home so much character and warmth, but if you don’t maintain the fireplace, you could end up causing a fire. Keeping the fireplace clean can help you avoid having to bring in professionals for gas fireplace service and repair. Though it may take time to get used to the process, once you become accustomed to cleaning the fireplace, it will become second nature to you.

The Right Tools

Before you begin cleaning the fireplace, remove all objects immediately surrounding your fireplace. Spread a newspaper to collect dirt that comes lose. Use a damp cloth to clean and you will need to keep a bucket of water handy to soil the cloth if it becomes too dry. And always keep extra rags with you in case there is too much build up of dirt. You may also need a sturdy brush to work on problem areas that the rags have no effect on.

Modern electric fireplacesAreas to Clean

This does not sound like the most comfortable of tasks, but you will need to use a brush to scrub the fireplace, particularly the insert. Use a large brush as that will remove all the debris that has built up over time. This process will also prevent you needing a pellet fireplace service and will maintain the health of your fireplace. You can also use a smaller brush to scrub around doors and hinges for a thorough clean.


Once the debris and dirt has been cleaned off, wipe down all surfaces of the fireplace thoroughly. Use a cleaning solution instead of just plain water as that will more easily dislodge any remaining dirt easily without you having to put in any more effort. Examine the fireplace once you are done to ensure you have completed the task sufficiently.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

If you are unsure of how best to clean your fireplace, you can get professional help to clean your fireplace in Colorado. Contact Hi-Tech Appliance today. Our Fireplace Technicians maintain all NFI (National Fireplace Institution) Certifications and our certified professionals will give you the service and peace of mind you need.

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