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Many homeowners often see an oven as just an appliance made for cooking, however, there are a number of different styles of ovens that can be found in different homes. These ovens include gas ovens, electric ovens, conventional ovens, and convection ovens. This may sound like a lot of ovens, however, it is important to know the different aspects of each style. This will allow you to choose the correct appliance for your home in Erie, CO.

Electric and Gas Ovens

Ovens are fueled by either electricity or gas. Of the two, gas ovens are considerably cheaper; however, there are a few downsides. Gas ovens need to be connected to a gas hook-up. If your home doesn’t have gas, it will require an expensive installation. Thankfully, there are a number of major appliance sales companies that can help you with the installation process. Gas ovens also have a reputation for having hotspots. This can cause issues while cooking or baking.

Electric ovens are reliable appliances that can cook food consistently. Electric ovens do not need a gas hook-up and are heated using elements in the interior of the appliance. The only downside to electric ovens is the high price point. Not only do they cost more to purchase than a gas oven, but they also generally cost more to run.

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Conventional and Convection Ovens

The main difference between conventional ovens and convection ovens are the presence of fans. Conventional ovens don’t have fans, while on the other hand, convection ovens do. The fans move the air around the oven, allowing it to cook not only faster but more consistently. In a conventional oven, the air in the appliance is heated, but not moved. This stagnant air forces the food to cook slowly.

Anyone who is considering purchasing an oven in the near future needs to know about the different types of ovens. This will help them make the best choice for their home.

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