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Why You Need a Convection Dual Range Oven

The short answer is that you get the best of two worlds: gas and electric. That means that you will have the precise temperature control of electricity to heat the oven and the infinitely adjustable flame and versatility of a gas range top.

What is the Difference with a Gas Oven?

At first glance, they look identical. The difference lays in the fuel connections and the performance. Basically, a gas range heats the cooktop and the oven with gas. A dual fuel range heats the oven with electric power and the cooktop with gas.

Who Should Buy a Dual Range Oven?

Those who do a lot of baking: serious bakers and serious cooks. A heavy baker who lives in high altitudes will make out the most of this type of range. Baking complex desserts is an art, and an exceptionally stable oven temperature can help home pastry chefs make perfect éclairs or tiered cakes.

Three High-End Dual Range Oven Brands


GE Appliance Dual Fuel Ranges offer convection and warming drawers.

GE Dual Fuel Range


Thermador has two options: the Pro Harmony® and the Pro Grand® Ranges. Both devices feature the patented Star® Burners, which are star-shaped burners that create a perimeter that is 56% longer compared to traditional circular shapes. The result is a faster and more even heating across any size pan.

Thermador Convection Dual Fuel Range


Viking offers the beautiful Tuscany ranges line; born in Italy and perfectly designed to meet the American architecture and lifestyle. All the devices feature stainless-steel interiors and glide-out racks. They are available in various color finishes including Dark Blue, Graphite Black, and Antique White.

The 48-inch range has an extra oven on the side, plus a storage drawer beneath. the best major appliances in Louisville

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