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More Refrigerator Styles

In a previous post, we went over some types of refrigerators. Here are more fridge styles.

Types of Refrigerators

Counter Depth RefrigeratorCounter Depth Refrigerator

The counter depth fridge isn’t near as deep as a standard fridge. This is perfect for those who want their fridge to blend in with their cabinets and cupboards to create a streamlined look. Since they take up less space, they also have less storage space inside. You can normally find the bottom freezer fridge, French door and side-by-sides in this design.

Compact Fridge

Compact fridges are essentially a smaller and more compact version of a traditional fridge. They are designed for dorm rooms or home offices. There is often only a small amount of freezer space, if any. However, some do have a freezing compartment in the fridge compartment.

Freezerless Refrigerator

This device is designed to cool your fresh foods. They have no freezer whatsoever.

Refrigerator Drawer

A refrigerator drawer can be installed underneath of your standard kitchen countertops. You can pull the drawer out and store your perishables and fresh foods in them. Since they are rather costly, they are often only found in luxury kitchens. They aren’t energy-efficient and won’t keep frozen food frozen.

Wine & Drinks Cooler

Wine & Drinks Cooler ColoradoWine and beverage coolers are designed with the sole purpose of keeping your drinks cold. You can choose from a smaller, more compact model to a full-size model with space to store hundreds of your favorite bottles of wine. A top-of-the-line model will even include a multi-zone digital temperature regulator that ensures your drinks are at the perfect temperature.

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