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There are several options in your home to locate your laundry room. To better understand what place works for you, there are questions you should be asking. This will help you get a better idea of what spot may be most convenient. How often do you do laundry? When do you do laundry? Answering these questions will point you to the perfect location for your laundry room.

Near the Main Entrance

If you have children, having a laundry room near the main entrance may be the most beneficial to you. Any sweaty or muddy clothes can immediately be taken off and thrown into the laundry for washing.

Although this location is ideal for immediate washing, it may not be great for having to do regular loads. If you have a two-story home, the bedrooms may be located upstairs, which can mean having to lug loads of laundry up and down stairs on a regular basis. Try adding a laundry basket to the nearest bathroom for any muddy clothes instead.

Residential Laundry ServiceNear the Bedrooms

If you have the space, a laundry room near all of the bedrooms in your home is ideal. Most of the laundry you have to do is located in these areas, to begin with. Instead of having to walk up and down stairs to do laundry, all you have to do is walk down the hall. The process will be much easier for you.



Out of the Way

Although you may have to do more carrying, a lot of homeowners like having their laundry room separate from the living space. This includes having it located in areas like the garage or basement. You can do laundry at any time of day without noise being an issue.

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