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Choosing a Laundry System For a Small Home or Apartment

A good residential laundry service in Lyons, CO may be difficult to find when the buyer has a small home. Quality doesn’t need to be sacrificed to find a system that works for you. In this post, we help you look at some options that will suit an apartment or small space.

Combination Sets

The most common set apartment dwellers will find are combination sets. This option may seem small; however, there are choices that hold and do more. Some options will not only be able to hold more; they contain sensors that automatically measure the size of a load and adjust the settings. This saves you time in having to adjust for each load manually.

Stackable Options

For limited space, stackable sets are a perfect choice for residential laundry sales. Not only is this choice usually larger, allowing you to do more laundry at a time, they are also extremely versatile. If you move into a home with more space, you can place the set side by side if you would like to. You can also easier replace just one machine if there is a major problem. With a combination set, you would need to replace the whole thing.

Compact Choices for Small Spaces

For those who prefer a side by side set, and have a little extra space to use them, compact sets take up less room than some traditional choices. When shopping for this option, look for taller sets that take up vertical space in the laundry area. These sets are perfect for a closet laundry room or for a laundry area with a top shelf that doesn’t allow room for a stackable or combo set.

Hi-Tech Appliance carries all of these options and more to fit in your small space. Stop by our showroom to have a look at your choices and find the one that will work for your home or apartment. 

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