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Are you considering a leathered granite finish for your outdoor countertops in Westminster, CO

Here are three good reasons why leathered granite might be right for your outdoor kitchen area. Just remember to always select a retailer who offers professional delivery and install to help save yourself time and headaches!

It Creates a Gorgeous Texture

Quite simply put, leathered granite feels amazing to the touch. The fact that this type of surface allows the granite to maintain some of the original texture that is often lost during the polishing process is a big perk. The end result is a countertop that feels more alive than more traditional texture choices.   

Even better, finishes range from highly textured to super smooth, so you can choose the texture that literally feels right to you!

It Brings Out The Natural Color of the Stone

Leathering can be thought of as sort of a compromise between the more washed-out texture of honed granite, or the very shiny color scheme or polished granite surfaces. 

Granite Outdoor Kitchen

This means that a leathered surface will generally allow for the naturally gorgeous marbled color scheme of granite to shine through without adding any unnatural emphasis. 

Leathered Granite is More Difficult to Stain

The leathering process tends to make the surface of the countertop less porous, and this also means that it is less likely to stain.

This is why a leathered granite surface is often the perfect choice for any outdoor kitchen environment where countertops are more likely to come into contact with some dirt and grime on a regular basis. 

If you’re looking ideal options for your outdoor countertop here at Hi-Tech Appliance, we have the selection and the know-how to make it happen. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on our high-quality products and services. 



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