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It can be an exciting time when you first decide that you want to get a fireplace for your new home. But then you have to make the major decision of where you are going to put the fireplace. The two most common places to place one are in the living room and master bedroom. However, there are so many other areas of your home that would also majorly benefit from a fireplace. Here are some lesser-known locations where you can totally put a fireplace and still have it be absolutely amazing.

Best Ways to Maintain Your Outdoor Fireplace


Not everyone just uses their garage to store their vehicles, gardening tools, and a ton of boxes containing seasonal decorations. For anyone who wants to use their garage as a man cave or workshop, putting a fireplace inside of it can be a fantastic decision. It looks much better than an ugly space heater and works better as well, which helps make the garage someplace that you actually want to be.


Since you already have a stove and microwave to add heat to your kitchen,  putting a fireplace here is more for the visual appeal rather than the appeal of being able to warm up the space. Having a mesmerizing flame flickering away as you cook meals makes the process a lot more calming and joyful.


When most people want a place to have a fire in their backyard, they simply choose to go with a fire pit.  However, trading this is for an outdoor fireplace is a good way to give the space a more formal and fancy feel to it. It is able to add a certain inviting ambiance to the backyard that most fire pits just aren’t capable of adding.

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