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An Eco-Friendly Heating Solution

If you are ready to supplement central heating and lower the cost of utility bills, wood pellet heating is an excellent choice. This type of device is perfect for those who are interested in acquiring an eco-friendly heating system that also lowers the cost of keeping your home warm during the cold months.

Wood Pellets for Fireplaces & Wood Stovespellet stove in Colorado

Wood pellets for pellet wood stoves and pellet fireplaces are highly compressed and approximately one inch long. They are made with materials such as wood waste and sawdust that would otherwise end up in a trash heap. Many wood pellet manufacturers use tree species that aren’t worth as much, such as aspen, birch and the tops of harvested trees.

Combustion is incredibly complete in a pellet appliance, which is why there is little ash to clean. An environmental advantage of burning wood pellets in a pellet fireplace insert or a pellet stove is that there are very low emissions. Top models have a heat efficiency higher than 90% and have been designated by the EPA as smokeless appliances.

Pellets are sold in 40-pound bags and can be easily stacked for storage. It is crucial to keep them dry. Also, they are less heavy than logs and they provide a much cleaner method of fueling fires than using logs.

How Pellet Stoves Operate

You can only use pellets in a pellet fireplace insert or pellet stove. Pour the pellets into a hopper and slowly feed them into the combustion chamber. The hopper can operate either by gravity or with an auger that supplies more pellets into the fire. The amount of heat output of the device depends on the speed at which they are released into the fire.

Pellet appliances are practically hands-free heating units. Once the hopper has been loaded, no further steps should need to be taken for the appliance to produce heat for as many hours as the pellets last. The larger the hopper, the longer you can go before needing to add more fuel to the fire.

If you desire to purchase a heating system with the cleanest solid fuel, buy a pellet stove or a pellet fireplace insert. Stop by Hi-Tech Appliance’s beautiful showroom today and view our huge selection of outdoor heating appliances.

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