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Everyone loves a good sweater; they are perfect for those crisp fall mornings and frigid winter days. However, there are a number of things that we do to our sweaters that lower the lifespan significantly. One of the worst of them all is machine washing. Unlike a standard t-shirt or pair of blue jeans, most sweaters and hoodies end up getting damaged in the drying process. This can be due to anything from the temperature to the length of the drying cycle. Unless you have already learned from experience, there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t machine dry your sweaters.


When a sweater or hoodie is thrown in the dryer, the materials it is made out will begin to condense (especially is the garment is 100% cotton). After just a few washes, this can shrink the garment drastically. If the fit of your clothing is important to you or your family members, it is best to throw the sweater or hoodie on a drying rack or hanger to air dry.

Fading Colours

If you are into clothes with vivid colors, then it is best to avoid the dryer when cleaning your sweaters and hoodies. The heat produced from the dryer along with extended use can leave the colors on the garment faded.

Machine Dry

Damaged Graphics

There are a number of ways that clothing companies customize their garments, one of these is to put a screen printed graphic onto the chest or back. As time goes on, excessive heat and movement from the drying cycles will leave the graphic crinkled or cracked.

Although it is not always the wisest choice to dryer your sweaters or hoodies in the dryer, there are a number of garments that can be dried in a dryer with no repercussion. There are a number of companies in the Arvada, CO area that can help with residential laundry services.

For more information on what garments can and cannot go in the dryer, call Hi-Tech Appliances at 303-665-0951 or visit our website.

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