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When you are researching outdoor cooking equipment sales in Longmont, CO, you will find yourself with a rich assortment of choices to pick from. An outdoor kitchen makes for an attractive backyard and an excellent entertainment area, bringing friends and family closer over the one shared love everyone enjoys – food.

In particularly beautiful areas such as Longmont, CO, the outdoor kitchen adds to the enjoyment of the scenery and the sunlight. But this, unfortunately, becomes an issue during the winter months. However, with a few simple steps, you can keep your outdoor kitchen clean throughout the year.

Water Drainage

Custom Outdoor KitchenOnce you have finished using the outdoor kitchen for the year and you feel the frost setting in, drain out the water lines and turn off the lines as well. This will ensure that the water does not freeze in the pipes during the extreme cold weather, causing ruptures and damage to the kitchen.


Your outdoor kitchen will almost certainly contain a grill, one of the most fun appliances to have at parties. However, during the winter, the grill becomes a magnet for dirt, frost, and grime, that will be impossible to clean once the winter is over, and will have a high chance of causing damage to the appliance.

During the winter months, move the grill to a secure area indoors instead of leaving it outdoors to the elements. Always remember to disconnect the grill from its tank, or at least turn off the gas that is piped through it as a safety measure.

Fridge Cleaning

It is easy to leave food in the fridge and freezer of your outdoor kitchen through the winter. Many people often forget about the food or believe that it will be safe in the cold environment for a long period of time. This is a mistake.

Homeowners must clean out everything in the fridge when the kitchen is not being used as food and drink will spoil over time, causing the growth of mold and bacteria that could damage the fridge and the surrounding areas or cause health hazards. This is a simple step to follow and easy to complete in less than an hour.

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