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Having a dishwasher is so helpful when it comes time to clean the dishes. Instead of spending hours at the sink washing things by hand, you can spend a few minutes loading the dishwasher, then turning it on and letting it do its job.

Ensuring that the dishwasher is running correctly requires some maintenance. It’s a machine, after all, so taking care of it will mean it will last longer to take care of you. None of these steps are incredibly challenging and they will keep the dishwasher running properly for years to come.

The first thing to consider with your dishwasher is how hard it works—and it works hard! The purpose of the machine is to get dishes clean, but that doesn’t mean you can load it with bits of food still clinging to plates. It’s a dishwasher, not a miracle worker. While you don’t have to wash the dishes before placing them in the machine, scraping off the large chunks will help the dishwasher get the items cleaner.

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Overloading the machine isn’t helpful either. Having one or two things floating around in the sink can be irritating, but it’s even more frustrating to run the dishwasher again because things were crowded and didn’t quite come clean. Instead of shoving those last few dishes in, either wait until the dishwasher is ready to be loaded again or wash them by hand.

Most dishwashers come with different cycles and settings, and you’ll need to use the correct one to ensure that dishes are cleaned properly. Washing light loads on the light setting and heavily soiled pots on pans on the right setting could end up saving you money on your water and energy bills. Using the wrong settings could end up costing you.

Checking the trap every so often is also useful. It’s usually tucked at the bottom of the machine, but it can get loaded with food that didn’t get cleaned off and other debris. Cleaning this out will keep the dishwasher running the way it’s supposed to.

For more tips on how to maintain your dishwasher in Colorado, talk to the professionals at Hi-Tech Appliance.

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