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Some homeowners assume they don’t have to worry about major appliance repair and service until they notice an issue or that something might be off with their appliances. However, taking proper care of your appliances can help them last longer and operate more efficiently. Keep reading to discover a few tips for maintaining your appliances: 

Keep Your Stove Clean 

A lot of homeowners have trouble with their burners and don’t understand why they won’t turn on. While messy cooking might not seem like a big deal, it can actually damage your stovetop. To prevent this, make sure you clean spills and debris from your stove, and keep it in good condition.

Empty the Dishwasher

No, we don’t mean the dishes. Your dishwasher has a filter that collects food and helps you keep your dishes clean. However, when that filter gets full, your dishes will stop coming out clean. Take out your filter every once in a while to clean it and prevent this from happening.

Clean the Fridge

As a part of regular appliance maintenance in your kitchen, we also recommend cleaning the compressor coils of your refrigerator every few months. Doing so, you’ll help them better remove heat from the fridge and keep your food cold.

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Time For the Microwave

One of the most overlooked appliances is the microwave. Every time you’re heating food up, you’re enabling particles to fly around and stain the walls. Over time they will start to accumulate and create unsanitary conditions for food preparation. You can clean your microwave by heating up a cup filled with water in your microwave, keep it there until the window looks steamed, and take a paper towel or cloth to clean the inside.

We hope that reading these maintenance tips will help you keep your kitchen appliances clean and working effectively for as long as possible. If you’re looking for custom built-in appliance experts that do major appliance repair and service, contact Hi-Tech Appliance directly. We will take a look at your appliances to make sure they’re running smoothly, and address issues that come up.

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