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Add Heat and Save on Energy of A Fireplace

A cold fireplace is a useless thing in the winter time. When the heat escapes through the chimney without warming the home, you are not only losing heat but wasting energy as well. The heat from home will become the primary source of warmth, but this doesn’t need to be the case. If you want to both save energy and add extra heat to your house, you can do the following:


The most effective way to both add heat and save energy is to purchase a fireplace insert. The insert will sit within your preexisting fireplace. These are structured similarly to a wood or pellet stove. However, they offer more options. Inserts can be somewhat costly. However, they are a purchase that will save you money down the road and make your home more comfortable.

B-Vent gas fireplace


A fireback is a more decorative item than it is efficient. However, they do make some difference. The heat from the burning fire will bounce off the fireback and into the room, rather than go straight up the chimney and out. These also help to protect the structure of your fireplace, making it easier to clean and longer lasting. These are much cheaper than an insert.


Hiring a professional for pellet fireplace service once a year will help keep any problems at bay. The service technician will be able to tell if there are any cracks which air may be leaking from. They will also be able to clean the fireplace, so the fire burns warmer and cleaner air into the room.

Protect the Fireplace When Not In Use

When you are not using your fireplace, you can still save energy. By having high-quality glass doors installed by a gas fireplace sales expert, you will protect the heat source from blowing air out of the home. You can also use accessories like a chimney plug to keep air from escaping.

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