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Purchasing a brand new refrigerator can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s why most people want to be able to make their fridge last as long as possible. In order to do this, here are a few simple things that you will need to start doing.

Don’t Store Things on Top

Something that almost every homeowner does is store miscellaneous items on top of their fridge. After all, the big flat top resembles an additional shelf, so it only makes sense why people would want to store items up there. However, doing so will have a negative impact on the fridge and lower its overall life expectancy.

This is because the top is where excess heat is released, which means that having items up there will lower the fridge’s ability to release this heat. This will cause the fridge motors to work even harder, which means that they will need to work even harder and fall into disrepair faster.

how to deodorize the refrigeratorClean Behind and Underneath the Fridge

Trying to move most refrigerators can be a bit of a challenge, which is why so many people simply choose not to clean behind and underneath them for several months or even years. However, this is not a good idea if you are interested in making your fridge last as long as possible.

A refrigerator will have its cooling coils located either behind or underneath it. Therefore, if these areas are not properly cleaned every three or four months, then the amount of dust and debris that can gather in these areas will likely shorten the lifespans of the cooling coils. Once these completely burn out, it is usually a simpler choice to purchase a new fridge entirely rather than getting the coils replaced.

Make sure that your refrigerator lasts as long as possible by following these steps and hiring Hi-Tech Appliance for all of your residential refrigerator repair needs in Nederland, Co.

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