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A Stylish and Unique Outdoor Kitchen Addition

A BBQ island is a great addition any homeowner can make to their outdoor kitchen. This product provides any outdoor living space with a modern and high-end appearance while allowing you to entertain guests. You can enjoy summer in a different way by entertaining guest and family outdoors. Plus, it can improve the value of your property!

Benefits of BBQ Islands

An Elegant and Modern Appeal

A BBQ Island brings style and personality to any outdoor home space. They come in a variety of forms. From L-shaped to U-form configurations, you will find one that accommodates your home needs.


You can create a BBQ island to add a personal touch. From a light colored backsplash like white subway tile (which never seems to go out of style) to Carrera marble, or from stainless steel to brick.

A fully equipped island may include water and a sink, a mini fridge, a freezer, a pizza oven, a rotisserie, electricity, or speakers for music.

A custom BBQ island fits your layout and design while ensuring delicious results every time!

Upgrade your Outdoor Cooking Experience

Your patio becomes an outdoor kitchen. No more running back and forth to your home every time you need to wash dishes or bring cooking utensils.

Protection and Convenience

Benefits of BBQ IslandsStorage inside the island is a great solution for protecting items like plates, utensils, and napkins from the weather and keeping them out of sight. Plus, you can store cleanup materials in an island’s drawers and cabinets.

Maximize Your Patio or Yard

Having the unique area for gathering friends and family and make delicious food is always enjoyable, but having this amazing spot on your own property is much better! A customized BBQ Island created with your style and color preferences can be provided with ease.

If you need a custom BBQ island in Colorado, reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance. We are professionals specialized in building custom stylish and sturdy BBQ islands.

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