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Keep the Fire Burning with Fireplace Accessories

In a previous post, we talked about some fireplace accessories. There are other additions that you should know about for your fireplace.Hearth Centers Colorado

Hearth Centers

A hearth center can accent your Stoll Fireplace enclosure or screen by matching the finish and style. This practical fireplace accessory comes in two styles: traditional or contemporary hearth center.

Fire Bellows

The traditional tool for encouraging a crackling fire! This accessory is used to fan your flames to give them consistent air when lighting the fire.Fire Bellows Denver

Fireplace Candelabras

You don’t need to sweep ashes or chop wood to bring a warm glow to your fireplace. Just place a fireplace candelabra on the mantel. This fantastic fireplace accessory makes a fireplace the focal point of a room without overheating it. There are many styles of wrought iron fireplace candelabras on the market.Fireplace Candelabras

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens keep fire where it belongs. This accessory provides safety for your family and friends when the fireplace is in use by putting a special barrier between you and the flames. Regardless the type of fireplace screen you choose, compliment the look with coordinating fireplace tools, holders, and log racks.Denver Fireplace Screens


Fireplace lanterns add unique lighting to the fireplace space. They are perfect for romantic evenings and intimate gatherings.

Fireplace lanterns in Colorado

Roasting ForksRoasting Forks in Denver

This amazing tool will allow you to enjoy an evening filled with campsite charm in the comfort of your home with roasting forks. You can use them for roasting hot dogs or your favorite marshmallows over the fire.

Looking for a traditional hearth center or roasting forks for your wood fire? Perhaps you would like beautiful fireplace candelabras. Hi-Tech Appliance offers a variety of options that can enhance every aspect of your fireplace or stove. Call us at 303-665-0951 for all your fireplace needs.

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