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Every homeowner knows that the mechanisms of their house need regular maintenance to run seamlessly and safely. This is true even for features such as an indoor fireplace and the chimney. If you have a damaged or deteriorated chimney, it can lead to significant issues if you ignore regular maintenance and repairs when any issues crop up.

Common Problems

A regular inspection & maintenance schedule is the ideal way to identify and fix minor issues before they escalate and get out of control. Here are some common chimney problems that can crop up:

  • Chimneys require maintenance to work properly all year round.

    Creosote Builds Up– If you have a wood-burning fireplace, creosote buildup in the chimney is inevitable. The gases from the combustion process move upwards in the chimney and as they begin to cool, begin to form highly inflammable creosote deposits along the inner walls. If you do not get regular inspections done and have the creosote cleaned, that can result in a fire.

  • Blockages- A blockage/ obstruction can develop in the chimney due to various factors including debris, leaves, bird’s nests, etc. Also, a chimney that is either oversized or too short will not be able to ventilate properly. The obstructions result in toxic gas and smoke, and carbon monoxide can re-enter your home.
  • Damage to Masonry- Water can easily enter the chimney’s surface, and the freeze and thaw effect can damage the masonry structure. When left unrepaired, that can cause further deterioration, giving rise to structural problems in your home.

Some other common issues include chimney crown and chimney cap wear. Rust buildup in the chimney cap or cracks in the chimney crown can affect its functioning. The chimney flue also undergoes significant stress, primarily from creosote deposits & high temperatures.

Excessive stress can result in different types of damage including cracks in the chimney lining. The chimney lining also protects your home from the risk of combustion and major harm, and you must replace it as soon as you can. 

How to Avoid Problems with Chimneys

When it comes to maintaining the condition and functionality of your chimney, prevention is always better than solving a problem after it has occurred. Scheduling a chimney inspection & sweep at least once annually is the best way to ensure that you do not have to deal with any issues like fires, etc.

During the inspection, if the wood fireplace sales experts notice there is damage to the masonry, they will repair it, waterproof the structure, and install a chimney cap and crown if required. Schedule a pellet fireplace service to improve the performance of the feature.

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