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Who doesn’t love sitting by a warm, flickering fire? The fall and winter bring chilly weather and snowy days in Colorado, and curling up to a roaring fire at the end of the day is pure bliss. There are many different ways to have a fire, either outdoors, in a wood stove, or in a traditional fireplace. When you have a fireplace installed, you’ll want to make sure you have the right accessories to accompany your fireplace.


Fires get pretty active, and they can pop unexpectedly and shoot off little embers. Also, if you have curious children or pets, they may get too close to the fire or even try to pull something out from the fire. For those reasons, you’ll need a fire screen that will create a protective barrier. You’ll have two main options: three-fold and single panel. Three-fold screens are flexible and can fit most fireplaces. Single panels need to be the right size for your fireplace, and most will include a built-in door so you can tend to the fire.

increase fireplace efficiency

Tool Set

Every fireplace needs a set of tools to go with it. You’ll want a toolset that includes a brush, a shovel, a log lifter, and a poker. The brush will help keep the hearth clean, and the shovel will be used to get the ash out of the fireplace (cold ashes only, of course). If you can get a wrought iron set, that’s best. Tool sets come on stands or hanging racks.

Log Rack

While you shouldn’t keep logs stored long-term indoors, you should have a log rack near the hearth to hold the logs you’ll need for the night.

When you’re ready to have a fireplace installed, give Hi-Tech Appliance a call and speak to one of our wood fireplace sales experts. We can have your home equipped for wood heat in no time.

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