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There are times when people find that their refrigerator is working fine, but the freezer doesn’t. This issue can be frustrating, and if you find it persists even after you have checked the settings, there are some other necessary checks you can do before calling in a professional for residential refrigerator repair.

Causes of Freezer Problems

These are the common reasons why your freezer might not be cooling as it should while there is no issue with cooling in the refrigerator section:

  • Freon Problem– Freezer problems are commonly caused due to Freon-related issues. The freezer’s evaporator doesn’t frost over completely, which means it is unable to produce sufficient cold air to freeze the contents in your freezer effectively. However, it is still able to make enough cold air to keep the refrigerator section cool.
  • Compressor Doesn’t Run Continuously– If the compressor’s windings are shot, has bad relays, or is overheating, it can result in problems in the freezer. The compressor can run for a very short duration, which cools the refrigerator compartment, but not your freezer. A clicking or buzzing sound coming from the compressor indicates it needs repair.
  • Ice-Maker Issue- Sometimes, problems with the ice maker might cause the freezer to seem like it isn’t working. If there is an ice-maker in your freezer and you aren’t using it, turn it off. Even if there is no water in the ice maker, it will continue to go through its cycles very fast, which means that anything close to it will thaw.

The ice maker may start making a buzzing sound when it’s trying to get water, making you feel that your freezer isn’t working. But this is just the noise from the water valve and should not be confused with a compressor buzzing.

These are some of the commonest freezer issues that indicate you might need significant appliance repair and service. Like all other appliances in your home, you must address these issues as soon as possible, as deferring the repairs will only aggravate the problem. 

Hire Professionals for Residential Refrigerator Repair

While you can do some basic checks like the ones mentioned above, it’s best to hire professionals for all major appliance repair and service.

These appliances represent a significant investment and professionals can handle the inspection and repairs without causing damage to any of the components. They have the latest testing equipment and tools to fix different types of refrigerator problems efficiently.

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