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There is nothing more enjoyable on a cold winter’s day than cuddling on the couch with a fireplace burning in front of you. These fireplaces are functional, stunning, and add a bit of design to any room. Although these can be tough projects to take on, the end result will be worth it.

A simple way of improving the home you live in is by adding a fireplace. This article will discuss the different types of fireplaces and what they can bring to your home.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Installing a wood-burning fireplace is by far the most difficult of the three types. This is because you will have to install a chimney in order to safely vent hot air and ash that comes from the fireplace. You need to have a discussion beforehand with the team installing the fireplace to see if your home can architecturally accommodate a wood-burning fireplace.

wood-burning fireplaceGas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a much more affordable option if you’re looking to save some money. With wood-burning fireplaces, you will have to install a chimney and then create the entire fireplace around it. This takes a lot of money and manpower to complete. Gas-powered fireplaces will only need to be connected to your home’s current gas lines.

Although these fireplaces have been hated in the past, more and more homeowners are seeing the potential gas fireplaces bring. The logs are now made from ceramic or cement and look just like the real thing. The flames are, of course, gas, which burns much cleaner. Plus, you won’t have to clean any soot or ashes.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are still relatively new to the market. All you have to do to enjoy these fireplaces is plug them in. These have become extremely popular for those living in apartments.

Wood fireplace sales have gone through the roof over the last few years. Hi-Tech Appliance has a handful of professionals who can install one into your Westminster, CO home.

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