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The holidays are coming up fast, which means it’s almost time to enjoy some large meals with friends and family. This can be a great time for indulging, and no doubt you have some favorite foods you’re looking forward too. However, have you considered changing things up this year and creating some new traditional meals?

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While there’s nothing wrong with classics such as turkey, ham, or prime rib, finding new flavors can be a lot of fun. You may also consider taking these classics and cooking them in a smoker or wood-burning oven—just for something a little different. For some other ideas for nontraditional (but amazing!) holiday meals, check out the list below.


Cooked salmon will be fantastic coming out of a wood-fired oven. Add in some veggies cooked alongside the salmon in the oven and there’s a meal fit for a king!


For some people, this might be a traditional holiday meal, and it’s one that can be incredibly delicious in a wood-burning oven. Add some baked potatoes and homemade bread—both of which have been cooked in the oven—and the dinner will be out of this world.


Stews can be incredibly hearty and filling, and they are considered a comfort food and go really well with cold weather and the holidays. Find joy in the season by spending time with friends and family and eating a filling meal.


You’ve heard of chestnuts roasting on an open fire this time of year, right? Well, you have the ability to do just that with your wood-fired oven or fire pit. This is a traditional staple for this time of year, but being made at home makes them even more delicious.

Having a firepit or wood-burning oven means you have so many different ways to create delicious meals. Whether you want something traditional or some new dishes, the important part of the season is spending time with family and eating delectable meals.

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