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Humans have been cooking food in a wood fire for thousands of years. Gas and electric stoves are a relatively recent invention as people only started using them in the early 1900s. Many chefs and food enthusiasts agree that wood fire cooking has several distinct advantages over these modern methods. Fortunately, it is easier to create beautiful meals with a modern wood fire grill, which is more compact and easy to use than traditional stoves or ovens. 

Benefits of Cooking on a Wood Fire Grill

Many people wonder if cooking food in a wood fire makes that much of a difference. It is natural to be skeptical but the distinction is clear when you compare dishes. Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of this cooking process:

  • Your outdoor kitchen won’t be complete without a wood grill.

    Flavor – Food made in a wood fire just tastes better, especially if you use the right kind of fuel. Some species of wood like cedar, hickory, applewood, or mesquite add subtle flavors to a dish. Hickory is great for meats, cedar works well with fish, and birch does wonders for seafood.

  • Char – A wood fire grill can get very hot, which means it can add a pleasant smokiness to a dish. The heat is intense enough to cook everything through and add the char without burning the ingredient to drying it out completely.
  • Health – The high heat helps preserve your food’s nutritional value as well. As vegetables and meats cook quickly, there’s very little nutrient loss. All of the antioxidants and vitamins remain intact while the ingredients still cook through completely. Few other fuel options can achieve this and still add an interesting flavor to the dish.

Making meals in such a way is also an interesting experience. It helps people develop their instincts and remain more hands-on with their food preparation process. Some grills also have a built-in pizza oven, which means you can enjoy authentic-tasting pizzas as well. 

Types of Wood Fire Grills

There is a wide range of grill options available today. You can choose something that suits your lifestyle and cooking habits. The most popular products include:

  • Open grill that’s suitable for small and tender ingredients that cook quickly.
  • Covered grill is a good choice for steaks and thick, slow-cooking ingredients.
  • Vessel grills are used for roasting in high-heat. It is used for naans, kebabs, and to cook ingredients on a vertical spit.
  • Smoker is best for tough meats that require long, gentle cooking in low heat.

Adding a grille or built-in pizza oven can elevate your cooking game. You will be able to make beautiful meals at home easily.

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