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We use the refrigerator every single day, so it makes sense that inevitably the refrigerator becomes a black hole of snacks, milk, and other groceries. The tendency to just stick things wherever they fit leads to a seriously disorganized fridge, making it hard to find what you need quickly, leading to wasted energy. If you’re feeling lost on how to make better use of your fridge space, read on for some inspiration.

Add Baskets

Refrigerators are packed with adjustable shelves and plenty of drawers, but there is still a lot of space that’s just open and easy to pack with stuff. Don’t get sucked into this impulse. Instead, acquire a set of baskets and clear containers of different sizes and use them in the fridge. Baskets and boxes will help you organize your foodstuffs into manageable categories that are easy to reach.

Divide and Conquer

Think about your fridge as having zones of food and try and stick to it. For example, keep sandwich materials in one of your baskets and keep snacks for the kids in another basket that’s easy to reach. That way, the kids will have easy access to snacks without having to destroy the rest of the refrigerator.

Organizing your Refrigerator

Door Organization

It’s important to keep the doors organized too. If you can, arrange condiments in the door by purpose so that it’s easy to find later. And whatever you do, make sure the milk stays in the fridge and out of the door—the temperature fluctuations in the door aren’t good for milk.

Freezer Organization

Don’t forget about the freezer! Use similar organizational methods for the freezer, taking advantage of additional shelves and compartments for keeping different items separate. If your family is the type to store leftovers in the freezer, make sure everything is clearly labeled, as it can turn into a serious guessing game later when it’s frozen.

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