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What to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Apart from the material of your cabinets primary structure, there are other important things consider when selecting the right outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

Adjustable Legs

Because outdoor kitchen floors tend to have variations, adjustable legs help to level the cabinets. We recommend this cabinet option if you have flagstone patios and similar surfaces.

Toe Kicks

This cabinet addition allows you to cover the legs under the cabinets, providing extra finished appearance.

Exterior Trim Details

If you want to dress up the cabinets, even more, ask for trim details such as fluted spacers and crown moldings. Exterior trim particularly benefits plain polymer cabinets, giving them a whole new look.

Accessibility Features

Accessibility features add extra convenience. Roll-out trash bins and trays are some of the common choices in the market.

outdoor kitchen cabinet features


Look for quality materials for the cabinet’s hardware. Door hinges, drawer slides, connection pins and screws, handles, and similar items must also endure the elements. Consider stainless steel hardware that is especially resistant to rust.


Strength in the design and materials of the cabinets are paramount for the lifespan of your outdoor kitchen. We recommend waterproof polymer cabinets, which are also UV-resistant.

Stainless steel has a long lifespan; the minimum grade adequate for outdoor spaces is 308, but thicker grades offer better rigidity and resistance to denting. All those details are found in the manufacturer’s product specifications, or you can ask experts for this information to compare among brands.

planning the outdoor kitchen of your dreams
When planning the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, think about the weather and the particular climate of your region. Then, reach out for a professional outdoor kitchen contractor like Hi-Tech Appliances to help you build an outdoor kitchen that will suit your preferences.

At Hi-Tech appliance, you will find a large selection of outdoor kitchens and the best countertop and cabinetry options. Give us a call at 303-665-0951 or visit our amazing showroom in Louisville, Colorado.

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