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A lot of people have decks in their backyards. They are a great place for gathering with friends and family and to having a place to sit to enjoy the outdoors. With the increasing desire for people to have kitchens outside, you might be wondering if you can put an outdoor kitchen on a deck.

It may be possible to accomplish this goal, but there are some things you’ll need to consider. Below are the things you’ll need to think about before putting an outdoor kitchen on your deck.

Weight Limit

The most important consideration you’ll have to make is whether or not the deck can hold the weight of the kitchen. You don’t want it to sag or collapse by adding appliances and other features. To determine how much weight the deck can handle, you’ll need to consult a contractor or engineer. They’ll be able to let you know what it can handle.

outdoor kitchen of your dreamsThis applies to decks that already exist and a new deck you might be building. There are so many different ways to create an outdoor kitchen that finding one that will work on your deck space could be accomplished. Knowing how much weight your deck can handle will determine the layout and what is included in the new kitchen area.

A stainless steel outdoor kitchen might be your best choice. This material is lightweight and can be placed on your deck. It is also resilient and will be able to stand up to inclement weather and other factors.

Where Utilities Will be Located

Once you’ve figured out how much weight the deck can handle and what will be included in the outdoor kitchen, then you’ll need to determine where the utilities lines will be located. This may include gas for the grills and other burners, plumbing for a sink, and electricity for other appliances.

The placement of these amenities can occur under the decking or on the support beams. Knowing exactly where to place this will be determined by how the deck is put together and what works best for the layout. Again, talking to a contractor or an engineer can be beneficial in knowing the optimum way to place the utilities on the deck.

If you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your space, contact Hi-Tech Appliance and have them help with the process.

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