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Choosing a Type of Flooring for Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are building an outdoor kitchen from ground zero, you will need to plan for paving underfoot. The material that you choose for your outdoor flooring space is crucial for the projects’ success. Several pavers are available in the market, but we have rounded them up into three common materials used for paving the underfoot of outdoor cooking spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Materials

Stone Pavers

Slate, marble, limestone, and travertine are just some of the most popular choices. Natural stone gives an elegant foundation to your kitchen. Styles, colors, and installation patterns are incredibly diverse. You are sure to find a stone to match with the style of your cooking space. Further, if you choose a stone that is only found in your landscaping, you will create a unique integrated effect. However, stone can absorb oily stains, and it’s expensive.

Stone Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are durable and extremely versatile. Concrete can be stamped, washed, aggregated, and can mimic other materials by applying faux finishes. The main disadvantage of this material is its porous nature, so you will need to seal it to keep stains away.

Tile Pavers

Tile pavers are the cheapest flooring option. You can choose between ceramic and porcelain tile.

Ceramic tile floors would resist any spills, foot traffic, pets, and more. They are easy to clean and are available in limitless size, color, shape, pattern, and even texture options.

Porcelain tile floors are much denser than ceramic tile pavers. They particularly resist stains, scratches, fading and chipping.

The bottom line is to choose an outdoor kitchen flooring that is not only beautiful but will endure foot traffic, dropped pots and food splatters, and the external elements.

If you need help to planning or designing your outdoor kitchen in Colorado, do not hesitate to contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We will happily help you build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams

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