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Of all the innovations to homes, outdoor kitchens are one of the most interesting. The idea of having traditional indoor appliances outside seems so foreign yet so familiar. It can feel like you’re at a picnic and a restaurant at the same time.

Despite the mystique of outdoor kitchens, there are a few precautions that homeowners should take. Although they are not necessarily dangerous, outdoor kitchens can be prone to accidents. This is due to a number of reasons such as the weather, the materials used and the fact that fire is being used. Be sure to go over the necessary safety precautions with all guests before using an outdoor kitchen.

Using the Correct Materials

Using the correct materials when building a custom outdoor kitchen is key to it being safe. One of the main things that you need to look out for it stray grease or flames for the barbeque. Use non-flammable materials for the countertops such as steel, marble or granite to minimize the chances of a fire. If the barbeque is being built against a wall, it is import to remember that the wall needs to be protected. This can be done be layering he wall with one of the materials mentioned above.

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Many families will invest in a cover or canopy for their outdoor kitchens, as they create cover from the elements and can add to the ambiance. However, these covers can trap in heat and smoke, making them fire hazards. Be sure to have a fan or some other device to keep the air moving.

Safe Space for Tools

Every grill master has a set of preferred utensils to cook with. It is important to keep all of these in a safe space, especially if any are sharp. This will minimize cutter and maximize your space to prep dinner.

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