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What to Consider When Shopping for an Outdoor Sink

Outdoor sinks are like their indoor counterparts; the notorious difference is the cost of running outdoor plumbing.

As with any other component of your outdoor kitchen, look out for high-quality products that will perform better and last longer than less expensive ones.

Be prepared for additional costs: faucet, sink strainer, and plumbing.


The best material is stainless steel. Sinks built of grade 304 stainless (or 18/8) are the way to go because of the alloy’s higher resistance to corrosion. Less costly models will be made from grade 430 stainless, a ferrous metal more prone to rusting, denting, and vibrating.

Perform the magnet test to find out the stainless grade. If the magnet sticks to the sink, it’s not 304.

You can also opt for quality copper sinks or bronze sinks. They are naturally equipped to withstand the elements; they never rust and are resistant to mildew.

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To determine the thickness of your sink, you should understand how gauge sizes work. The numbers indicate the thickness of a piece of sheet metal, with a higher number referring to a thinner sheet and a lower gauge referring to sturdy metals.

Thickness is largely a matter of cosmetics rather than performance. Economic 20-gauge sinks will have a “tinny” sound and feel when items are placed into the bowl.

Contrary, sturdy 16-gauge sinks offer adequate resistance to the weight of heavy objects. There are also 20-gauge sinks that have been sprayed with an undercoating of sound-dampening substance.

Size and Style

Size and style come down to the homeowner’s preferences. Here are some of the configurations you will come across:

  • Single-bowl sinks (20- to 25-inch widths and 10-inch depths. )
  • Two basins of differing sizes(a 60/40 or offset sink).
  • Two bowls of equal sizes (a 50/50 sink).
  • Three basins (two large ones and one small one with a garbage disposal).

Most popular styles include oval, round sides, zero radius, and Farmhouse — rectangular or sleek square sinks with 90-degree corners.

Stay tuned for more tips when shopping for an outdoor kitchen sink.

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