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On the days the wind isn’t blowing super strong and the temperature is halfway decent, being outside in your outdoor kitchen might be feasible. Of course, since you winterized the vast majority of the space for the cold weather, you’ll only be able to use certain items, but it can still be fun.

If you have an outdoor wood-burning oven, using it in the winter can be accomplished. It will put off a nice bit of heat on a cold night, so standing next to it will be enjoyable. And let’s not forget about the food that comes from that oven. It’s worth it to get a little bit cold for an amazing wood-fire-cooked pizza or another dish from the flames.

outdoor kitchenIf you have an open firepit in Colorado, you can also use this to cook some amazing food or just to stand around and enjoy the warmth. Getting out the cast iron pans is the best choice for cooking on a firepit because with winter gloves and big coats, food could get stuck in the material.

If you haven’t covered your grill or smoker, you can still use it throughout the winter months. You may need to add a cooking cover so that the heat stays contained around the grill, but these are generally easy to find and do a great job of maintaining the heat.

Cooking food on outdoor grills and in wood ovens gives it a different and amazing taste. Winters in Colorado aren’t always conducive to cooking outdoors, but there are some days that are nicer than others, so if you feel up to braving the chill and brushing away the snow, have at it!

Cooking hearty comfort foods this time of year will make the days seem less dark and the cold a bit more bearable. The heat put off by the stove or firepit can also be inviting and comforting. Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying the outdoors.

Talk to the professionals at Hi-Tech Appliance about outdoor firepits and wood-burning ovens and find the one that will make your winter warm and enjoyable.

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