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The exciting thing about a custom outdoor kitchen is that it doesn’t have to check as many boxes as your indoor kitchen. You don’t have to worry about where the microwave is going, or where you’ll fit that china you never use. An outdoor kitchen is based solely on your lifestyle and what’s important to you. Here are some custom outdoor kitchen ideas inspired by lifestyle:

The Chef’s Outdoor Kitchen

To make a chef happy, you need the best when it comes to outdoor cooking appliances. Consider a luxury built-in grill like the Twin Eagles PRESTIGE PRO™ 825 RSBI, which comes equipped with everything a chef could ever imagine—a rear-infrared rotisserie burner, a built-in ice box, and an integrated smoker tray.

Some other ideas to consider for a chef’s dream kitchen are outdoor blenders, coal cooking accessories, and warming drawers.

outdoor kitchenThe Entertainer’s Outdoor Kitchen

Are you the life of the party? If not, that’s okay. Your custom-built outdoor kitchen can take care of that for you! If you’re considering installing an outdoor kitchen because you love to entertain, you’ll need a king-sized grill like the Twin Eagles 54” Outdoor Gas Grill. No matter how many people show up, the oversized grill-top will ensure everyone eats at the same time.

Some other things to consider if you plan on entertaining big crowds are: industrial-sized, weather-resistant refrigerators, and custom-built cooking islands with plenty of room for seating. Also, if you need something to spice up your dining area, consider an outdoor fireplace. You don’t want your guests hovering around your grill to keep warm.

The Gardener’s Outdoor Kitchen

Farm-to-table, anyone? If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen to compliment your vegetable garden, consider a wood fired pizza oven. Wood fired pizza ovens last for generations. And there’s no better way to use your fresh-picked produce than for topping wood oven pizzas.

Also consider installing an oversized sink on your outdoor countertop to rinse off all those rutabagas!

If you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen custom built for your lifestyle, contact Hi-Tech Appliance today!

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