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Invest in a Fireplace or Fire Pit to Extend Your Time Outdoors

An outdoor space where you can enjoy fresh air, entertain, and relax is an asset to any Coloradan home. A backyard with exclusive features like a hot tub, pool, spa, or outdoor kitchen adds value and appeal to your property. Another outdoor luxury item that is popular with homeowners is an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit.

Colorado outdoor fireplace

In this post, we will show you the main differences between these two amazing outdoor heating products.


Outdoor fireplaces are large permanent structures composed by a firebox where the combustion takes place, and a chimney to properly exhaust the smoke.

You can opt for a rectangular, square, round, or oval shape. The exterior is typically covered in stacked brick, flagstone, limestone, river rock, or stone. You can customize the fireplace by adding features such as decorative tiles, a mantle, an extended hearth, and wrought iron.

  • Can sit a maximum of six people at a time, all facing the hearth.
  • Requires extra furniture like couches, tables, and chairs, which is an added cost.
  • Its structure blocks the wind and the views.
  • More privacy from neighbors.
  • Require permits and inspections

Fire Pits

Exterior fire pits are basically holes with raised walls. Fire pits can be round shape, square, oval or rectangular. The raised walls are frequently covered on the outside with different materials like brick, concrete, stone, or tile, and they often have a seating area built around the opening.

  • Colorado outdoor fire pitYou can entertain up to 12 people at the time, who can sit around, facing each other.
  • Nothing blocks the view or the wind, which may scatter embers about.
  • Easier to incorporate built-in seating.
  • Less privacy.

In sum, If you want to relax and entertain your guests without smoke occasionally blowing in your face, a fireplace is the way to go. On the other hand, if you desire a beautiful centerpiece for an outdoor space that offers the calming nature and warmth of a flame, then a fire pit is the solution.

Whether you pick a fireplace or a firepit, there’s no question that fire adds a warmth and a glow that can’t be beaten. Come to Hi-Tech Appliance showroom in Louisville, Colorado where you can find the best brands of fireplaces and fire pits in the market.

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