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There are a lot of chores that come along with being a homeowner such as taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and maintaining the property. However, life gets busy and we will tend to hold off on doing these chores. However, no chore gets held off as often as laundry.

Laundry will pile up for days or weeks before getting done. This is why there are laundry services that will do your laundry for you. For a price, these companies will pick up your dirty laundry and return to you with fresh, clean clothing. As tempting as it may be to use one of these laundry services, it is important to know the positive and negative aspects of using a service or doing it yourself. This will allow you to figure out which is best for you.

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Doing Your Own Laundry

There are a number of benefits to doing your own laundry. The main one is that it is done on your schedule. If you want to wear a shirt later in the evening, you can simply throw it in the washer and it will be ready within an hour or two. By doing your own laundry, you are able to make sure that the garments are being washed to your specifications.


The main downside to doing laundry is that it is time-consuming. It can take hours to wash, dry, fold and put away all of your clothing. Washing machines will also break down after a certain point in time. This means you will need expensive repairs or replacements. Thankfully, there are a number of major appliance repair and service companies in the Boulder, CO area.

Laundry Service

Laundry services are great due to the fact that they give you time to focus on other aspects of the home. If you fully commit to a laundry service, you can remove your washer and dryer to make room for different appliances.

However, laundry services are expensive and the costs add up over time. Before deciding which is best for you, be sure to take a step back and objectively analyze the situation.

For more information about the positive and negative aspects of doing your own laundry or using a laundry service, contact Hi-Tech Appliance.

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